Email to Schools – a low cost marketing tool

I have now abandoned education magazine adverts completely .. even Teach Primary. They bring in so little work whereas Tony Dalton’s weekly e-shots since September have brought in a steady stream of bookings. Thoroughly recommended!  Pete Wearn, Cool Primary Science

This is a low cost form of marketing and one where you could get the cost back with a single order

We have learnt from experience that the most successful way to get known in schools is to send the same e-mail repeatedly over several weeks, and so long as it is simple you will get business, but you have to send it over a long period of time which is why we have set up the following price schedule.

Ten e-mails to all UK Secondary Schools over 10 schools weeks £150

Ten e-mails Email to UK Primary Schools over 10 schools weeks  £500

Ten e-mails to all UK Schools over 10 schools weeks  £600

That’s all!!

If you want a smaller campaign to fewer schools we will do it proportionately with a minimum charge of £120

All prices quoted are for payment in advance.

To learn more, contact me on or ring me on 01926 855920

Examples of customers who’ve benefited:

Anthony James of Creaturama has doubled his turnover in 12 months:

‘I was a bit sceptical about an e-campaign to schools. I thought that teachers might be annoyed but it is just astonishing how much work it generates.   It’s an incredible way of getting orders.’ – Anthony James – Creaturama

It works so try it you could be surprised that such a low cost simple marketing tool can get you business.

For example here is another way to get business using e-mailing:

During my 1-2-1 with Tony he informed me of his business and I did likewise – plus he gave me a great suggestion with regard to contacting schools.

As part of my contract with Hatton Country World I organise the Late Night Christmas Shopping evenings and Special Christmas Shopping Weekends and for our Christmas weekends I needed to find some choirs. 

For the past couple of years I have emailed local schools with little or no response and he suggested – send them a letter as an attachment with a mono logo on it – the school will then print it off and give it to the correct person. So I did this and now have several schools coming to sing at Hatton during our Special Christmas Shopping Weekends.

 Thank you Tony for that great tip.

 Carol Blower

Managing Director, Owl Marketing

Tel: 01926 882275 or 07990 513969


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